In 2012 the Stryker company voluntarily recalled two models of artificial hips over concerns that the devices could cause pain, swelling and harm to surrounding body tissue.  These were the "ABG II" Model and the "Rejuvenate" Model.  Lawyers acting on behalf of victims in the USA brought an action against the company,  alleging that Stryker was negligent in designing the devices and testing their safety,  and that Stryker failed to warn about the device's dangers or even concealed information about the risks of serious injury and death.


In November 2014 Stryker agreed to settle several thousand cases for US claimants by paying around US$1.4B in compensation to people impacted by the faulty device. The final amount to be paid by the company may exceed this amount. 


We believe that Australian who have these implants should be entitled to compensation and we are working with lawyers in the US to obtain advice on the best options available. We invite you to join us in trying to get compensation from Stryker.